I owe my life to minerals…

Thirteen years ago I was bitten across my lower back 7 times by a brown recluse spider. Several years before that I had been bitten behind my right knee which was your typical necrotic tissue response where the bites on my back was a whole different thing. Within in 3 days I was on the floor without reliable bowel or urine control. Unable to walk I spent much of my time trying to figure out a solution. Testing myself I found there was no energy across my midsection. In short there was no electrical activity which was no surprise as I could not bear weight even for a minute. My testing led me to look for something that could certainly treat the neurotoxins from the spider, but also something to reconnect my body electric.

It finally came down to the need for specific minerals to reconnect me electrically once I had addressed the toxic effects of the bite. The totally healing took years but the first step back to health was when I met John and Susan at Bio Nativus and told them my story from the floor of my bedroom. They sent me their product next day air from Utah and I might add never sent me a bill.

Because the neurotoxins also affected my memory, I have some big holes in my recall of every detail about the experience. Sitting in a hot tub in a hotel in Utah some 15 years later, I struck up a conversation with a gentlemen and his family. When he found out where I was from and that I had an office at Scripps, he recounted the story to me about this doctor from San Diego he had talked to years ago. He said the doctor was probably dead because he was in such bad shape back then. He went on to ask if I knew of this doctor and how things worked out for him. The whole scenario of the minerals and the nice people who had sent them came immediately back and I said to myself, “you might want to ask him yourself he is sitting right in front of you”.

Well that was the start of a wonderful relationship and an amazing story about how minerals saved my life. ~Dr. Toby

Dr. Tobin Watkinson has achieved degrees and certifications in Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition, Thermography, Chiropractic and Experimental Psychology. Prior to his thirty three years in practice he worked in research on contract for the Aerospace Medicine Research Lab, as well as, the Life Sciences Directorate of the Aeronautics and Astronautics Division of MacDonnell Douglas Corporation.
Dr. Watkinson has appeared on some 60 radio shows throughout the United States and New Zealand and has appeared on ABC and NBC television, as well as, several cable networks. He has over 70 titles of CD’s and DVD’s. He has authored over 20 articles, books and professional papers and has lectured at nearly 40 scientific conferences, seminars and meetings.

He is the past Vice President and President of the International and National Association of Clinical Nutritionists, past Vice President of the California Ther¬mographic Society, past Program Chairman of the Human Factors Society and sits on the Medical Advisory Board of at least four Foundations. Dr Watkinson holds patents in several areas of allergy and immunity and sits on the board of directors of two corporations and one Charitable Foundation.

Dr. Watkinson has practiced for the past 33 years of which 16 years has been at the Scripps Medical Offices in San Diego California. Other offices have been in Santa Monica California, Orange County California, St. Louis Mo. and Escondido California.