Eleanor is the owner of Austin 3D Health in Austin Texas. She primarily focuses on laying a foundation for good health through Allergy Elimination, Hormone Re-Balancing, Nutrition Consultation and Detoxification Programs.
Eleanor’s healing philosophies come from integrating her Western medical knowledge as a registered nurse, her Eastern acupressure techniques with her experience as an Applied Clinical Nutritionist. She also has advanced certification in BioMeridian – Meridian Stress Assessment(MSA) and Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET). Bio Nativus is pleased to assist their practice in mineral supplementation. Austin 3d Health’s favorite Bio Nativus products are our Calcium Magnesium Zinc drinks, Power Plus protein shakes, Mineral drops and Electrolyte drinks. For more info on Eleanor and her practice visit: http://www.austin3dhealth.com/