immuno surge
Cold and Flu Season is Here! Build up your Immune System with ImmunoSurge! . We are offering a Buy One Get One Special on the product while supplies last.
ImmunoSurge is designed with the philosophy that the signs and symptoms of illness signal that the body is out of balance. This formula offers the support and nourishment necessary to aid in the natural healing process inherent in the human body. ImmunoSurge is a powerful formula that should not be taken for more than a month, with at least a one-week break to maximize its benefit.
Clinical Indications:
ImmunoSurge helps nourish and support the body when suffering the following symptoms:
* Common Cold * Chronic Fatigue * Bacterial Infections * Candida Albicans * Ear Infections * Flu Symptoms * Sinusitis * Viral Infections * Sore Throat * Immune Depression
Tips for Better Health:
Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day to stay well hydrated, and to keep mucous membranes moist and more resistant to infection. Sufficient sleep allows the body to maintain and rebuild itself. Reduce mucus-forming foods like bananas, all citrus, peanuts, and dairy products when ill. Use zinc gluconate lozenges at first sign of illness.

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The Bio Nativus Team