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Product Details
  • Helps Natural Healing Process
  • Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial
  • Provides Necessary Nutritional Support

ImmunoSurge is designed with the philosophy that the signs and symptoms of illness signal that the body is out of balance. This formula offers the support and nourishment necessary to aid in the natural healing process inherent in the human body. ImmunoSurge is a powerful formula that should not be taken for more than a month, with at least a one-week break to maximize its benefit.

Recommended Uses

ImmunoSurge helps nourish and support the body when suffering the following symptoms:

Common Cold
Chronic Fatigue
Bacterial Infections
Candida Albicans
Ear Infections
Flu Symptoms
Viral Infections
Sore Throat
Immune Depression


ImmunoSurge addresses three aspects of immune health: General Support, Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial. Each ingredient was strategically chosen for its unique healing properties.

Astragalus has been used for centuries. Among some of the conditions it is commonly used for are Alzheimer's, the Common Cold, Sore Throats and support during Chemotherapy. It is also used as general immune support because of its anti-viral properties.

Coenzyme CoQ10
This ingredient is used clinically for addressing imbalances that lead to immune suppression, free radical damage, periodontal and cardiovascular disease. Research suggests that CoQ10 may enhance activation of macrophage.

Often called the Vitamin C of the herbal world, Echinacea is most frequently used for the common cold, cancer, immune suppression and infections.5 Hundreds of studies document the mechanisms of action and active constituents of this amazing botanical.

Goldenseal is considered one of the foremost herbs for bacterial infections. Research has shown it to be effective against numerous bacteria, and to even inhibit the attachment of group-A streptococci to the lining of the throat.

Shitake is frequently used to support the immune system, while conferring protection against virus and various pathogens that lead to illness. It is also used to help patients suffering from hepatitis.

Licorice possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, while supporting adrenal glands.

Bromelain also has anti-inflammatory effects which helps the body fight the aches associated with illness, and helps keep airway passages open.

Siberian Ginseng
This ingredient enhances the overall formula, while supporting the adrenal glands that deal with stress and effect endurance.

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Tips for Better Health:

Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day to stay well hydrated, and to keep mucous membranes moist and more resistant to infection. Sufficient sleep allows the body to maintain and rebuild itself. Reduce mucus-forming foods like bananas, all citrus, peanuts, and dairy products when ill. Use zinc gluconate lozenges at first sign of illness.

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