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Electrolyte Vital Support

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  • Superior Athletic Formula
  • Increased Stamina
  • Faster Recovery from Exercise

Electrolyte Vital Support was formulated to meet the unique needs of the high performance athlete. When the intensity of your workout makes you sweat, you must replenish the precious minerals lost. Without replacing those essential nutrients, endurance and stamina can dramatically lessen.

Reaching optimal performance reflects the presence of peak inner health. Electrolyte Vital Support is designed to insure that the minerals important to peak health are present.

Recommended Uses:

Electrolytes must be replaced when a lot of fluid losses occur. Among the times it is important to replace electrolytes is during the following conditions:

*Heavy Workouts
Muscle Fatigue
Hot Weather
Long Workouts


This product was designed to fill the void currently present in the health food outlets. Our company believes that all individuals should have a natural alternative. Electrolyte Vital Support is completely sugar free, therefore unnecessary calories can be avoided. In addition it replaces the trace minerals that are commonly overlooked when electrolyte replacement is considered.

Calcium is essential for proper musculoskeletal functions, especially contraction and relaxation of active muscle. It has been shown that increasing calcium can help with leg cramps.1

Magnesium has been used widely for clinical manifestation of muscle cramps, with good success. 2 Research has shown that it is not just deficient individuals that benefit from supplementation, rather it has been hypothesized that everyone can benefit from its ability to stabilize cellular membranes.3

It is critical to cellular functioning in terms of energy production, cell reproduction, and protein formation. it is essential for energy production. Magnesium also is pivotal to maintain control of the sodium and potassium pump.

When potassium levels are low, supplementation can correct muscle weakness and decreased stamina. Due to the Standard American Diet, Commonly referred to as S.A.D., potassium levels are often proportionally lower than sodium levels. Typically sodium is consumed at a rate of 5 times more than potassium.

Leg cramps can benefit from sodium replenishment. Research has also shown it to be helpful with nocturnal leg cramps.4

1. Acta Obstet Gyn Scand 60(4):345-7, 1981 2. Acta Pharmacol Toxicol 54(1):125-28, 1984
3. Fortschr Med 102(34):841-4, 1981 4. Dtsch Med Woechenschr 105(20):736, 1980


Tips to Maximize Stamina

While exercising try to avoid working out when temperatures exceed 75 degrees. Also when humidity is high, it is preferable to limit aerobic exercise outside, because airway irritation can lessen stamina. Replacing the electrolytes that are inevitably lost should occur within 30 minutes after a workout to allow maximal recuperation to occur.

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