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Inner Cleanse II to help get your digestive system moving since we don’t often move as much in the winter. This comprehensive blend of fibers and beneficial intestinal flora provides a full spectrum of restorative and supportive nutrients.

Inner Cleanse part II literally offers complete support with its synergistic blend of water soluble fiber and 9 strains of dairy free acidophilus.

It has been used clinically for a myriad of conditions and is a must for those individuals seeking optimal gastrointestinal functioning.

Recommended Uses

Inner Cleanse part II was designed as a high fiber, friendly flora supplement to insure that the factors required for a healthy gastrointestinal tract would be present. Our belief is that a healthy gastrointestinal tract is a critical component to optimal health.


The second product and third product can be taken at the same time. 


Electro Vital Support: Electrolyte Vital Support was formulated to meet the unique needs of the high performance athlete. When the intensity of your workout makes you sweat, you must replenish the precious minerals lost. Without replacing those essential nutrients, endurance and stamina can dramatically lessen. 

Reaching optimal performance reflects the presence of peak inner health. Electrolyte Vital Support is designed to insure that the minerals important to peak health are present.

Recommended Uses:

Electrolytes must be replaced when a lot of fluid losses occur. Among the times it is important to replace electrolytes is during the following conditions:

*Heavy Workouts
Muscle Fatigue
Hot Weather
Long Workouts


This product was designed to fill the void currently present in the health food outlets. Our company believes that all individuals should have a natural alternative. Electrolyte Vital Support is completely sugar free, therefore unnecessary calories can be avoided. In addition it replaces the trace minerals that are commonly overlooked when electrolyte replacement is considered.


Finally, finish this three part cleanse support with…


Probiotics. Probiotics are commonly used to reduce gastrointestinal symptoms that are not due to acute illness, such as gas, bloating, and constipation. Bio Nativus has also added an enzyme pack so that it will support the foods you eat break down correctly.

This package deal is only $45 Wholesale and $90 Retail!

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