Clinical Studies

Bio Nativus is committed to harvesting rich and beneficial minerals and supplements. We consult with many medical professionals and constantly test our products in numerous clinical labs.

Trace Mineral Drop Complex Analysis Summary.
November 1996. This information is a summary of analysis of data from numerous different analyses of Trace Mineral Drop Complex from more than 12 labs in three countries over several years. The labs include private labs, government labs, government certified labs, university labs and our own in house lab. The data from these tests has been used to establish label claim amounts and information and to establish and validate quality control and standardization.

We have diligently searched for the best analytical labs in the world to test our products. Trace Mineral Drop Complex is a natural product, produced using natural methods. Because of this, some natural variation exists from harvest batch to harvest batch. Even recognizing this, it appears that in most cases, the testing variation between tests is greater than the seasonal harvest variations.

The results from many of the test labs have been used to validate (or in some cases, invalidate) each other. No single lab or testing methodology has been able to accurately test for all elements present in Trace Mineral Drop Complex. It has been our experience that identical samples sent to different labs, or to the same lab on different days, or even a single lab as part of a batch of samples for same day testing will yield different results. These variations have been used to establish ranges and margins of error. In a material with as complex a matrix as Trace Mineral Drop Complex, accurate testing can be difficult, and establishing and determining proper testing protocols for some elements have been determined, others are still being researched, and all are continually being refined. For these reasons, no single test should be considered absolute. We have concluded that valid technology has not yet been developed to fully and accurately analyze a product such as Trace Mineral Drop Complex.

Additional and more detailed test results are available upon request and proper qualification. This document is subject to change without notice.

Elements: In order of prominence. Label claim is for chloride, magnesium, sulphate, sodium, potassium, lithium and boron.

Mineral Label Claim USRDI* Average Amount
Chloride 680 mg. 20% 572-806 mg.
Magnesium 250 mg. 62% 225-285 mg.
Sulfur 75 mg. ** 1-4 mg.
Sodium 4.5 mg. ** 1-4 mg.
Potassium 5 mg. ** 1-15 mg.
Lithium 1.5 mg. ** 1.4-2.5 mg.
Boron 1 mg. ** 1-2 mg.